BioClinica gets blogging



BioClinica, a major player in the clinical trials technology space, knew their industry was beginning to utilize social media vehicles as communications tools.  They knew they could leverage social media to become engaged with their customers, but they didn’t know how or even where to start.

The firm looked to Diccicco Battista - its long time public relations partner - and enlisted the agency to push out its messaging to audiences in the blogosphere.

Example from BioClinica gets blogging Example from BioClinica gets blogging Example from BioClinica gets blogging


DDCworks' team of social media strategists began by asking themselves a few simple questions - Who? What? Where?  Who were the key influencers discussing BioClinica and the pharmaceutical industry online?  What were the top trending topics being discussed?  And finally, where were these key conversations taking place online?

DDCworks utilized its proprietary online communications analysis tool to confirm that there was, in fact, enough critical mass of content and conversation occurring online to warrant the public relations campaign expanding its message deployment strategy to reach targeted online media outlets, blogs, forums, LinkedIn groups, twitter and facebook pages, even a specially branded YouTube page. 

Once it was determined that the topic was worthwhile, the DDCworks social media team looked to their research to find who in this space was considered a key influencer and where those key influencers were talking.  As anyone who has ever attempted to engage in social media knows, the blogosphere is a big place.  Companies need to be able to prioritize and target messages to efficiently and effectively have an impact.  DDCworks successfully uncovered several key influencers within the pharmaceutical industry - mainly expert industry veterans who had turned to blogs to share information and forward discussions of key trends and related news. The campaign's strategy was built around reaching those influencers with BioClinica's messaging and becoming a part of their conversation.

This approach gave way to a myriad of tactics that were deployed to execute a fully integrated social media strategy for BioClinica. One of the biggest pieces of this puzzle, and the facilitator of content for nearly every other piece, was the BioClinica blog - Trial Blazers.  The agency's research showed that the majority of conversation in the clinical trials space occurred within blogs. Therefore, with the help of DDCworks' PR team of writers, editors and message crafters, BioClinica's clinical trial experts became overnight bloggers, populating Trial Blazers with frequent, fresh, relevant content.

This up-to-the-minute, fresh content was repurposed instantly on BioClinica's twitter and facebook pages, as well as their LinkedIn group. The DDCworks PR team also utilized the content, pitching it to high profile trade media contacts for use as story ideas to generate press coverage for BioClinica. The efforts of the BioClinica social media campaign truly came full circle as the social media content began to fuel the success of media relations, generating high profile thought leadership press coverage.


The BioClinica social media campaign now set a standard for an industry striving to quickly adapt to the pace of new media. Since the launch of BioClinica’s social media effort, the company literally has thousands of online followers, fans and friends within the industry and offers a weekly course of thoughtful, fun and engaging content with key prospects online. 


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