Building a new Theorem brand from the ground up

Theorem Clinical


Theorem Clinical Research (previously Omnicare CR) came to DDCworks just as they were about to break away from their parent company, Omnicare Inc. The company needed to create and launch a completely new brand platform while communicating the spin-off among its clients, employees, partners and the industry as a whole. Most importantly, it needed to be done without sacrificing the valuable equity and solid reputation the old brand had fostered in the clinical trials space.

And perhaps the biggest challenge of all - the entire project had to be completed in two months time.

Example from Building a new Theorem brand from the ground up Example from Building a new Theorem brand from the ground up Example from Building a new Theorem brand from the ground up Example from Building a new Theorem brand from the ground up


Never shying away from a challenge, DDCworks sprung into action and launched a multi-tiered rebranding effort over the next eight weeks. The agency, already well experienced in marketing and branding for the pharmaceutical industry, reviewed existing research and conducted their own analysis of the company's public image.  

After intense analysis and honest discussion with the client, Theorem Clinical Research was born.  Through working with Theorem, DDCworks quickly understood that the company's main differentiators were its talented employees and ability to continuously provide the services that matched the precise needs of the pharmaceutical industry. These two attributes became the foundation of the new brand and the central themes woven throughout the new Theorem Clinical Research "story."

With a new name and renewed focus on their brand's unique offerings, DDCworks presented Theorem with new creative and a fresh look and feel, including a non-traditional orange and grey color palette that strayed from the traditional blues and greens common in the pharmaceutical industry.  The agency incorporated this crisp, clean look on the web and across all marketing elements, including a trade show booth at the Drug Information Association (DIA) annual event and all sales and corporate collateral. Finally, a national public relations campaign supported the brand's launch with particular emphasis on exposure at DIA.

The Big RevealDDCworks introduced Theorem Clinical Research and announced their spin-off from Omnicare Inc. to the investment community, employees, customers and trade media.  The agency utilized the buzz this news generated to strategically leak out the brand's new elements one by one to generate anticipation and excitement around the relaunch. Finally, Theorem made a big splash at the industry's largest annual tradeshow with the brand's official rollout. 


The spin-off of Theorem Clinical Research from its parent company, and its re-branding efforts, were hugely successful. The new brand was thoughtfully created within a tight timeline, and generated positive industry response that was fueled by DDCworks securing an article in every major pharmaceutical industry trade media outlet. The rebranding effort was met with high praise and support from current customers and employees. 


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