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Okay, it’s true, anybody can sign their company up for Facebook or Twitter. But do they know how to build followings, effectively manage accounts, establish a relationship between the brand and the consumer, and connect with their audience in a profitable way? Not so easy. 

At DDCworks, social media marketing is in our genes. We were an early proponent of the benefits of social media for business, and continue to recommend it as part of an integrated campaign whenever appropriate. Which, these days, is most of the time. We’re endlessly tinkering with our own pages to make sure we’re on top of what’s working, what’s changed (like Facebook News Feed algorithms, for example), and what that all means to our clients. It’s how we ensure we’re pumping out the best and most relevant work. Need proof? Check out our followings on the social media outlets below. Just make sure you like us while you’re there.


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