The thing is, nothing extraordinary happens without both.


Right brain, left brain. Outside in, vice versa.


Here’s how it works: A fact—sometime a little one—leads to an insight that triggers a premise that evolves into a plan that births an idea that explodes into communications that reach out and grab hold of a person with an unmet need or desire. Or something like that.


Brains and talent are the essential tools that enable us to do what we do. And at DDCworks, we do five things very well…

We think about Branding with a capital B. Because everything – from Brand positioning to Brand promises – drives so much of what motivates a customer or prospect.


  • Research
  • Competitive Brand Analysis
  • Brand Strategy
  • Rebranding / Brand Evolution
  • Messaging Platforms
  • Brand Targeting
  • Corporate Identity / Logos
  • Brand Audits

All exceptional creative works starts with a great idea, regardless of who first expressed it or how it burst into being. The idea is square one. After that, our designers, writers and producers create all kinds of award-winning square twos.


  • Print
  • Radio and Podcasts
  • TV and Video
  • Billboards and Out-of-Home
  • Direct Mail/Direct Response
  • Digital Executions
  • Collateral
  • Motion Graphics/Animations

Some people say that media is the ‘new creative’. Others mostly talk about how complex its become. All we know is that you can’t do it well without zealots — smart people who love research and numbers, audiences and segmentation, analysis and results.


They also love finding incredibly innovative ways to deliver on-the-money messages to make the absolute most out of every client’s budget.


  • Audience Research
  • Target Profiling
  • Analysis and Evaluations
  • Print, OOH, Broadcast and Digital Strategies and Plans
  • Negotiated Buying
  • Real-time Bidding Programs
  • Programmatic
  • Native Advertising Campaigns
  • Social Media Advertising Campaigns
  • Search Engine Marketing

While it may seem like today’s journalists only cover Politics, Sports and Celebrities, we’re lucky to have a PR and social media team with much greater depth of field.


As campaign strategists, media mavens and even former journalists ourselves, we understand how to bring brand stories and reporters together, and how to deliver our clients’ messages editorially to increase audience reach and impact all the while creating third-party credibility via the press. Sometimes that means delivering it socially as well. Like us on Facebook and we’ll tell you more.


  • Public Relations Planning
  • Message Development
  • Media Training
  • Media Relations and Proactive Outreach
  • Crisis Planning/Management
  • Thought Leadership Strategies
  • Editorial Results Analysis
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Internal Corporate Communications
  • Public Affairs
  • Social Media Planning and Management
  • Event Management

We don’t like to think of digital as its own distinct service offering, since it often ties together all the various aspects of a campaign because of its ability to enhance our traditional advertising, PR and creative tactics. Every campaign and client initiative has some form of digital component and pretty soon we’ll probably stop making the distinction.


That said, for now we still feel the need to detail our digital capabilities (even though the Millenials will snicker over their chai lattes).


  • Websites
  • Microsites
  • UX Design
  • E-Mail Blasts
  • Banner Animations
  • SEM Text Ads/Landing Pages
  • Keyword Strategies
  • Search Campaigns
  • Programmatic Digital Ads
  • Digital Media Dashboards
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Content Marketing

Worldwide Reach

Worldwide, DDCworks is also a member of ICOM, the leading global network of independent agencies: 70 agencies providing integrated marketing communications in 50 countries around the world. Through our ICOM partners, we are able to provide local, language-specific and culturally-savvy advertising and PR in virtually any market worldwide.