Image is everything.

Public relations can mean many things to many people. Some believe PR is fundamental reputation management supported by media relations. Others see it as brand management, message deployment, social media execution, or even event management. 

At DDCworks, while our PR team does all of those things—and does them well, we might add—we emphasize PR as a discipline to tell your story with the highest levels of credibility.  (Because, in many cases, you are getting someone else to tell that story for you.)

As a top PR agency in the region, our team consists of publicists, former journalists, and even political strategists who understand the mindset of both the business and the consumer press. Today, of course, the team also includes social media strategists who can connect with the fast-growing community of citizen journalists in the wide-open blogosphere.

Whatever the scenario, our team has a special knack for getting the right story in front of the right journalist to garner significant attention around a client's news, generating maximum awareness.

Think of it this way: Your brand is the story. We’re the megaphone.

View our PR case studies to see how we do it.

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