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Sean Donahue

Executive Vice President, Creative Director

Sean is an old-school ad guy. By that we mean that he eats, lives and breathes advertising. Relishing the ads that have turned the world on its head, the heritage of our storied industry, and the clients who have helped build it. Which isn’t to say that he’s stuck in the scotch-swilling, dame-loving, oh-so-glamorous-but-totally-outdated world of Mad Men. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Sean is always on top of what’s next: the campaign you haven’t seen yet, the digital platform that’s just gaining traction, the music-sharing app that’s about to take off. His passion for everything advertising comes through loud and clear on a daily basis as he ensures that his team – which includes art directors, designers, copywriters, digital gurus, and one happily overworked Creative Services Manager – are just as current as he is. And just as dedicated to doing the best work possible for our clients. Ask anyone on his team and they will tell you that with Sean, it’s all about The Work. Capital T, capital W. As an old-school yet forward-looking ad guy, the quality of the work is and always will be his top priority. Although some days, it may seem like the music-sharing apps take precedence.

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p: 484.342.3600 ext. 278


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