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Mike Diccicco

Chief Executive Officer

Mike often reminisces about the first headline he ever wrote: Triceratops Eggs. 50% off. We kid Mike about his age (he IS modestly older than anyone else in the company), because there’s not much else we can make fun of. The guy’s got serious game. Over the last few decades, he has built a career writing ads, winning clients, planning campaigns, building brands and growing the agency. Today, as Chief Executive Officer, Mike continues to provide much of the vision and strategic direction for the company, and in a lot of ways is our spiritual leader. He’s the type of guy who senses that you’re having a bad day, takes the time to sit down with you, then offers some sage words of wisdom that always seem right on the mark. And then he’ll tell you to do your damn timesheets.

Contact Mike

p: 484.342.3600 ext. 207


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