More bang, less bucks.

There once was a time when the best creative advertising strategy was a big media budget. Today is not that time.

Size still matters, but smarts matter more. Especially when you consider the dynamics of online upsurge, audience fragmentation, disappearing circs, unfaithful eyeballs, media clutter, media stutter, time dislocation, and the rapid disappearance of singular media focus. 

(Show of hands: How many of us have ever watched TV while using our laptops AND with our smartphones at our fingertips ready for a call, a text, or a quick round of Candy Crush Saga?)

In spite of all that, DDCworks still attacks, plans, negotiates, buys, and manages media campaigns effectively by doing a lot of what we’ve always done: Understanding the target, the brand, and how the two connect. Exhaustively researching media habits, opportunities, and possibilities. Thoughtfully crafting integrated media plans focused on brand objectives and campaign goals. Relentlessly negotiating the best and the most for your dollars, then going back for more. Tracking and measuring and reporting to ensure audience delivery and to drive realtime optimization where possible.

From local search marketing to comprehensive digital media advertising campaigns, from mobile advertising and local advertising to global branding campaigns, DDCworks always delivers media plans with an essential and critical element: Smarts.


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