Digital is the bullet, not the gun.

(But it’s a really big bullet.)

There are a million purely digital, 100% online advertising agencies out there. We aren’t one of them.

What sets us apart from those other guys is that we are a brand strategy and communications company… that also produces excellent digital work.

That distinction may seem subtle, but it makes a huge difference if you are concerned with truly integrated marketing communications and how it can advance your brand.

Think about it. Web sites, interactive banners, web takeovers, email blasts, mobile apps and whatever the next technology is that will pop up by the time you’ve finished this sentence are all extensions of your brand. Period. They are simply different communication channels that enable people to have an interactive experience with your company. It’s not just an iPad app. It’s your brand, living and breathing in the palm of their hands.

With that fundamental principle as the foundation of every interactive advertising assignment we work on, we believe the best digital executions feature more than just great design, flawless programming, intuitive user experience, and great SEO. They also portray your brand in a clear, concise and compelling way that drives people to act.

That’s how DDCworks does digital.  To learn more, view our digital case studies.


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