perception is reality

UKH offers top-notch healthcare through its system of hospitals, and is able to compete on a national level against some of the most well known brands out there – yet its own brand recognition and image did not reflect that. Being located in Kentucky gave the brand a stigma that simply didn’t match reality.

Working with UKH’s marketing and PR team, we helped rebrand the academic medical center as one of the region’s best, offering state-of-the-art care, right in the heart of Kentucky. With a multimedia brand launch, we were able to use their own cases to highlight their strengths: advanced patient care. During that time, we have also promoted specific service lines, new facilities and even two lovable coaches named Joker and Cal.

As a result of the new brand campaign, launched at the beginning of the 3rd Quarter, UKH experienced the highest 3rd and 4th quarter revenues within recent history. In addition to an increase in overall awareness, a targeted SEM campaign focusing on two high-performing service line areas resulted in 776 calls to make an appointment, as well as 3,775 visits to their website, and a total of 165,545 impressions.