Each year, almost a quarter of a million women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Of them, more than half are clinically eligible to receive MammoSite therapy—a targeted, five-day radiation therapy that offers significant clinical benefits over traditional radiation.


However, studies indicated that some 40% of the women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer underwent mastectomies instead. Others underwent five to six weeks of traditional radiation. Clearly, conventional advertising and physician communications were not working hard enough.

DDCworks created a program that allowed women who were happy with their successful MammoSite treatments and results to become ambassadors for the brand. After arming them with information and fostering opportunities to connect with other recently diagnosed women facing critical treatment decisions, patients became powerful advocates, using their own stories and voices to connect with and inspire others.


The heart and soul of this program was the personal experiences of the Mammosite ambassadors. Allowing them to be themselves, to tell their stories and share their experiences in their own way, added credibility and authenticity to the MammoSite brand. DDCworks also created and grew the online MammoSite community, building a place where newly diagnosed women could read the stories and watch videos of patients, and then reach out to them for one-on-one support.

One in three women who visited opted to receive the MammoSite therapy. The effort led to the recruitment of more than 200 ambassadors from over 30 states who all shared their stories, gave talks, participated in breast cancer walks, blogged and distributed literature. They even joined a grassroots poster campaign to remind women to get their mammograms.