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Changes in healthcare on the national level provided an opportunity for a new brand platform for Rightcare Solutions.  Before the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2013, U.S. hospitals and health systems were being penalized for any patient that was readmitted within 30 days of being discharged. Because this was a fairly common occurrence, especially with high-risk patients and those suffering from chronic conditions, healthcare administrators were able to estimate and budget an annual average of readmission penalties. But when the new law was passed, both the timeframe for readmission occurrences and the resulting penalties increased significantly. Suddenly healthcare was facing busted budgets, stricter penalties and an uncertain future. How could hospitals be proactive and better manage the risk for patient readmissions in a financially and structurally feasible way?


Enter RightCare, an emerging technology expert offering a unique and proven readmission risk software solution that would save hospitals hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by better managing cases with high readmission risks. But before the company could promote the innovative software to the overcrowded and confusing medical technology market, it first needed to create and refine its message, establish a credible brand and claim ownership of the risk assessment mantle.


That’s when RightCare turned to DDCworks to create and launch a completely new brand platform.

With an extensive background in marketing and branding for healthcare clients, DDCworks quickly got to work. Collaborating with RightCare, we launched a comprehensive Focused Branding exercise that constituted of in-depth stakeholder interviews, a thorough market competitive analysis, and research into emerging industry trends to determine what made RightCare truly unique. The resulting insights became the foundation for RightCare’s new branding.


Building on this foundation, DDCworks created an overall personality for RightCare in the form of an engaging new website, compelling marketing collateral, impactful advertising, highly targeted media tactics and a PR campaign that highlighted the company’s thought leadership and insight.

In a 90-day span, DDCworks had successfully created and launched the RightCare brand, positioning the company as a distinct technology leader in the crowded healthcare industry. Our strategic and creative efforts secured a positive response among target customers, creating both significant market awareness and interest in the new RightCare brand and its products.

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