For 30 years, Phillips Edison has developed and managed over 320 grocery-anchored commercial properties across the U.S. Recently the company wanted to take a more vocal position in the industry to expand and strengthen the credibility of its brand and turned to DDCworks for help making that a reality.

Through an in-depth audit of its previous marketing efforts the agency discovered that the majority of Phillips Edison’s outbound communications were press releases detailing new projects and deals. They were very transactional in tone and focus and therefore the brand’s reputation was seen as transactional as a result. However, after three decades of success the company had a reservoir of untapped expertise and insights that could be leveraged in a way that transforms the brand from that of a vendor seeking out the next big deal to that of a partner able to educate and assist its clients at the highest levels.

Working with Phillips Edison’s marketing team, DDCworks launched a thought leadership PR and social media campaign. The corporate messaging was updated to include language that would support the campaign’s strategy and the publicity emphasis shifted from pitching news to expert commentary that addressed industry trends, issues and concerns. The campaign saw the launch of a corporate blog (ghostwritten by DDCworks) that featured an ongoing series of articles from numerous company leaders on a multitude of topics. This thought leadership content was then optimized so it would be easily found online and quickly transform the perception of Phillips Edison.