How to get notice in a crowded market

A small fish in the big Higher Ed. pond that is Philadelphia, Peirce College must promote its niche as a college for working adults and identify as an institution that supports the needs of the local employers by strengthening the region’s workforce. The public perception of Peirce as a Junior College has stayed with the school, even as it has evolved to a four-year institution with two master’s degree programs. As Peirce has changed its mission, DDCworks has worked to help the public’s knowledge catch up. 

Instead of fighting to earn a voice among the region’s nationally ranked colleges and universities, DDCworks honed in on Peirce’s workforce development story to a very specific target audience.  By focusing on an earned PR campaign, the team DDCworks has successfully introduced the college to key business partners and supported its recruiting efforts. As a result, Peirce College has created partnerships with the City of Philadelphia and two major regional Chambers of Commerce. Approximately 50 major regional employers have signed on to become corporate partners and are sending their employees to Peirce to pursue their degrees.

Peirce has secured a place in the coverage of reporters on a variety of beats beyond higher education. The college is viewed as a thought leader for reporters covering business, technology, government and more in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philly, Philadelphia Business Journal and more. Additionally, its experts on criminal justice and the workplace have been tapped as thought leaders to analyze breaking news and trends in national outlets including Fortune and USA Today. DDCworks also secured a role for one professor as the NBC10 Criminal Justice Analyst to regularly appear on air and support the station’s crime reporting.