a message of hope and healing

Sexually abused children live in horrific circumstances. Unfortunately, even after being rescued, the trauma continues as they are forced to deal with an unfriendly legal system that wants to prosecute their predators. Former Montgomery County, PA, District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman had a vision of a different, warmer, more comforting environment to support abused children in their necessary interactions with the legal system. Under her leadership, Mission Kids was born: a child advocacy center providing a different place and a different approach to interviewing children as part of the evidence-gathering process. However, in order for Mission Kids to succeed, and continue its work, it needed strong support from the community, both volunteers and financial backing. That meant a communications campaign to open minds, change some attitudes, and generate public awareness and interest in its message of “hope, healing and justice.”

Mission Kids enlisted the help of DDCworks to design and execute a strategic, multi-tiered public awareness campaign with several communications elements. Press conferences, community events and ongoing media relations helped spread information through both local and regional news outlets. Two TV spots were produced for a PSA campaign, with featured airings on key channels generated through a Comcast partnership. DDCworks even worked with DA Ferman to create an original children’s book—titled The Mouse Who Went Surfing Alone—to promote the top 10 Internet safe surfing rules.

Mission Kids is now a successful child advocacy center in its tenth year of operation. Throughout the public relations campaign, DDCworks secured positive media coverage for the organization in every major TV, print and radio media outlet in the Philadelphia metro market, including: 6ABC, FOX29, NBC10, CBS3, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News, KYW1060 AM, and Montgomery Newspapers.


Mission Kids is now seen as the new standard for municipalities nationwide handling cases of child abuse.