MarginProbe is a device designed to determine positive margins intra-operatively during lumpectomy procedures. With a unique technology to both present and explain to oncologists and breast surgeons, the product needed the support of a well-designed, smoothly functioning website. DDCworks was selected to design and produce the site, write/edit the content, and produce all of the supporting videos required. And we did it all in nine weeks.

In order to reach patients and arm them with the information needed so they could inquire about the MargingProbe option with their doctors, DDCworks launched a nationwide awareness-building PR campaign that focused on local media in every market and city where a MarginProbe doctor was based. They agency secured hundreds of newspaper, TV and radio, and online news stories – mostly with consumer and women’s health reporters and producers.

Medical device marketing often requires telling a technology or scientific story simply, clearly and memorably to a breadth of audiences — physicians, HCPs, healthcare administrators, patients and caregivers.  Dune Medical needed to reach all of those types of audiences with the launch of MarginProbe.