Knowing when not to color within the lines

We’ve all seen the commercials where people paint their wall red, only to find the black and white lines showing through. So they try a new paint with better hiding. That’s where Dow Coating Materials comes in. Dow scientists developed a new scientific process for hiding and then asked DDCworks for a campaign to create a technology brand.


The first thing we learned was that Dow had discovered an effective replacement for TiO2, the most expensive ingredient in many paints that is also responsible for its hiding properties.┬áTo get the word out about what DOW had been “hiding”, we launched a teaser campaign to build awareness and excitement prior to launch. The post-launch campaign then introduced a series of new “FormulaTiO2ns” in paint. With a digital newsletter, email series and even interactive 3-D hiding center in the works, DOW can’t hide their excitement for the results of this campaign.