A campaign so good, it never sold a single product

With a critically important medical device launch in mind, the Constitution Medical team came to DDCworks knowing it had two significant advantages: A great product name—Bloodhound—and an amazing hematology instrument. But, as a brand new entry into a crowded field, from a company no one knew, and without FDA clearance, Bloodhound needed to change a lot of perceptions about automated hematology among lab technicians and lab/hospital management.

DDCworks conducted research, interviewed hematologists, assessed competitors and even went into labs and talked directly with lab technicians who had an almost universal reaction to the product concept: “Wow! This instrument can do all that!” With this in mind, we developed the Bloodhound logo, brand style and personality, advertising, website, technical videos, collateral (both printed and electronic), trade show presence and graphics, two iPad apps, as well as a lead-generating email campaign. We titled it the Wow Campaign, based on the eyebrow-raising, you’re-kidding-me looks we got from so many prospects when they first heard about the product.

The campaign was so successful in making an impact on the industry prior to FDA clearance that the product and brand were purchased by a major competitor before the product launched. It was a campaign that disrupted an industry without ever selling a single instrument.