AR Capital, formed in 2006, was an almost prototypical “great company that no one ever heard of.” From its very beginnings, the company was a disruptive force in the scarcely understood world of non-traded REITs (real estate investment trusts). As a niche category in the financial world, REITs received scant notice from Wall Street or were viewed as a sleepy investment. As a newcomer, AR Capital was not well known or understood by the majority of the financial community, much less the American investor. DDCworks was asked to change all that.

Phase One of our work used public relations to make an immediate and continuous impact on the financial community, from Wall Street money management firms to mom-and-pop investors as well as the financial press that covers this vast industry. Through strategic media relations, we built an extensive network of more than 300 reporters with whom we communicated regularly via news releases, earnings announcements, white papers, and scheduled interviews with the firm’s visionary leadership. Phase Two built on this foundation by taking the AR Capital story to the investors themselves via expanded PR and a bold ad campaign featuring national TV, full-page print ads, digital campaigns and more.

The company’s management team has become bona-fide thought leaders, regularly quoted or featured in leading national financial media from The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, Investment News, Financial Advisor as well as CNBC, and AR Capital has become the top equity raiser in the industry, garnering 50 cents of every dollar raised in an industry on pace to raise nearly $15 billion in 2013. The exposure has lead to some of the biggest M&A deals in the industry with the AR Capital ranked #1 in M&A real estate league of tables.