Posted By Mike Diccicco April 21, 2017

April 2017 marks a full 12 months since DDCworks closed its doors on 48 years of history as a suburban advertising and PR agency, and moved itself into the famous Cast Iron Building at 7th and Arch in Center City, Philadelphia.

Cue the theme song from the Jeffersons … or some other song about moving and changing.

The fact is: We did it. And now, as an ad and PR agency focused on change and the communications that drive it, we’re looking around and reflecting on exactly how things are different today from the way they were just a year ago.

All of us have our personal little stories, of course. I’m enjoying the mental space that my train ride from Fort Washington to Jefferson Station gives me. (100% of our staff now use public transportation to get to the office.)

I also like the fact that, no matter what kind of a day I’m having in the office, I’m never more than two blocks away from superb eggrolls, pizza, sushi, hoagies, or even a plate of huevos rancheros.

But we didn’t move a company to improve our culinary experiences. We did it to become a better agency. And that, I believe, is exactly what’s happening.

With the move, we now have real advantages in recruiting for both permanent positions and interns, in easy access to freelance talent and specialty vendors, and in connecting ourselves to the Center City business scene.

We also have newer, fresher, way cooler space. Including a custom-built reception desk created by an artist in Colorado plus lighting fixtures and a chandelier designed to authentically mimic industrial faucets and pipes.

Front desk

But the biggest tangible change has come in our client roster. Since April 2, 2016, (our DDCworks has won nine new clients. Everything from a website development project from our new landlord, AMC Delancey, to a recruitment campaign for the School District of Philadelphia. We’re also doing US and European PR for a major brand in the automotive space, building paid media campaigns for 15 neuropathy therapy centers nationally, re-launching a pharmaceutical brand, even working with a statewide political candidate.

Wall mounted sconce
Wall mounted sconce


DDCworks Kitchen Chandelier
DDCworks Kitchen Chandelier

Would we have won all that business from our offices in Conshy?

Maybe. Maybe not.

And if the answer is “Yes—our move helped us win these clients,” then the next question is “Why?”

My best guess is that our recent success comes from the most important asset of any brand-building agency: Attitude.

(Or, since we’re in Philly: ADDYtude.)

This is my point: We are better because we think we’re better.

Sometimes life is just that simple.

DDCworks Office Space
DDCworks Office Space