Oh, yes. It still works.

Conventional wisdom says that advertising doesn’t work anymore.

No one reads, no one watches, no one listens, no one notices. Hardly anyone clicks.

Our response: You got it almost right, Conventional Wisdom. You just left out one word: bad.

Truth is this: Bad advertising doesn’t work anymore.

(Ironically, it used to — but that’s a discussion for another day.)

Good advertising still works. Advertising that starts with an idea (and not just a style).  Advertising that tells a truth . . . touches a heartstring . . . jangles a nerve . . . generates a smile . . . responds to a fear . . . connects to a person’s important desires.

That’s the stuff of great advertising strategies and successful advertising and promotion campaigns.

It’s what we create here, every day. Traditional advertising, online advertising. From 30-second tv spots to attention-grabbing billboards to clever and quirky animated banners, good advertising is what we are driven to produce.

It’s a big part of how we make your brand go to work. Harder.

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